Your courage, your determination and your drive all led you to serve America proudly. Those same characteristics will also lead to satisfaction and success in adaptive sports. Disabled Veterans of all ages and abilities report better health, new friendships and a better quality of life when participating in adaptive sports. Disabled Veterans who are physically active simply have more fun! To get started, take some time to review the many sports opportunities available to you by reaching out to us and checking out this website.  

Honoring America’s Warriors outdoor programs offers ome of the coolest opportunities to get veterans engaged.  All of the outings will be on private leases that have been donated to the organization.   If you would like to participate in Dove, Quail, Turkey, Hog, Water Fowl, Deer, and Fishing to include noodling, follow the link below to sign up.  There will be opportunities throughout the year.

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH) and Honoring America’s Warriors have partnered to build up to 25 homes for veterans in the Oklahoma City area.  The two non-profits will pool resources to provide opportunities for new home ownership for veterans who qualify based on HUD income requirements.  Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity wanted to meet the needs of veterans who deal with the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life, and who are on a limited income.  The program is called “Homes for Warriors”. 

Does your health care provider recommend an assistance dog?  Complete the application below, when we receive your application one of our program managers will contact you.

Honoring America's Warriors Honor Guard is a team of disabled veterans who want a new mission to be back in service dress uniform and pay it forward.  We render honors for veterans of all eras when the family deems the legislated two man flag fold is not adequate.  We provide a rifle team, a flag fold team, and a bugler.  We also present colors at many large events across the State of Oklahoma.  If you are a veteran and would like to join our Honor Guard Team, email us at